XXL Empties/Used up products


Hello everyone! It’s been a long tim since I posted, but today I have an XXL Empties post for you! I’ve decided to write in English from now on, because so many of my visitors aren’t Dutch. English is a language we all understand! So, if you’re interested in a lot of empties (including makeup), you’re more than welcome to visit!




SEBAMED PFLEGE GEL: I bought this in Germany (Müller) and I really love this. It’s a clear gel without any alcohol, parabens, perfume etc. It has a lot of hyaluronic acid in it, that moisturized really well. It’s for oily and acne prone skin, but works well for all skin types. I’ve gone through 4 of these tubes already and I love it. It sometimes breaks out my chin a little bit, so I have to be careful to not apply too much.

Would I repurchase? YES!

KRUIDVAT SENSITIVE 0% UVA/UVB SPF 30: This is absolutely great! It’s great as a moisturizer for sensitive skin, that gives you the sun protection that you need. Didn’t break me out, even though I have acne prone skin. It’s a very affordable cream, that can be used as a hand cream as wel. In the summer you also need to protect your hands from UV radiation, and this worked really well. It’s moisturizing, but not super heavy.

Would I repurchase? YES!

KRUIDVAT Q10 EYECREAM: This didn’t do much for me. It wasn’t very hydrating for underneath the eyes and my under eyes looked wrinkly.

Would I repurchase? NO!

BIODERMAL P-CL-E CREAM: This cream is thick and heavy and tugs at the skin. It also burns my eyes, when it gets close to my eyes, and I don’t even put this in the under eye area. When I was a teen, this did really help with healing a lot of my acne scarring.

Would I repurchase? NO, I will probably try the P-CL-E fluid next.




LISTERINE ADVANCED WHITE: This felt nice in my mouth, wasn’t too harsh and had a pleasant taste. It also kept my breath fresh. I didn’t see much results when it comes to whitening. Also I don’t like the fact that this has alcohol in it.

Would I repurchase? NO

THERAMED ORIGINAL TOOTHPASTE: This is a standard, normal toothpaste, nothing special, but does the job. I use this in between whitening toothpastes, since those can be somewhat harsh for the teeth and gums. I bought this in Germany

Would I repurchase: YES, and I have many times before!

THERAMED WHITE/ NATURWEISS: This didn’t do much for whitening, so I’m gonna stick to the original one. I bought this in Germany as well.

Would I repurchase? NO.

ETOS WHITENING FLOSS: This is my favorite floss of all time. It fits right in between my teeth, even thought I have very little interdental space. Nothing else fits. I don’t see much whitening results, but I don’t care about that. It’s just a good floss.

Would I repurchase? Yes, most definitely! I’ve used thousands already probably!



COLGATE MAX WHITE EXPERT WHITE TOOTHBRUSH AND WHITENING PEN: I really liked the whitening pen and I did see good results. My teeth aren’t pearly white now, but I do see a difference. It didn’t make my teeth sensitive, except for maybe a little bit after 3 weeks. It leaves a white sticky residue in the mouth that lasts for about half an hour. I didn’t like the toothbrush, so I hope one day they will sell the pen separately.

Would I repurchase? YES.



BALEA REINIGUNGSSCHAUM/ CLEANSING MOUSSE: I preferred the pink version of this for sensitive skin, while this is for normal skin. I didn’t really like the smell of this one and it broke me out, probably because of the scent. It does feel nice on the skin and is very affordable. If your skin isn’t crazy sensitive like mine, I do think this is a great product for you.

Would I repurchase? No

KRUIDVAT MICELLAR WATER SENSITIVE 0%: I’ve gone through a couple of these and I’m not really impressed. At first I was, because it didn’t break me out horribly and it removed my face makeup really well. My skin just gets so red and splotchy when I use this. It removes eye makeup better than a standard eye makeup remover lotion, but less well than an oil. It doesn’t remove liquid lipsticks at all. I used it for my eye makeup.

Would I repurchase? As an eye makeup remover maybe, unless I find something better.



CIEN MAKEUP PADS: These I bought at the supermarket Lidl and I don’t like them. They have a sharp edge that scratches my eyes and skin and they pull so badly! They fall apart and leave fluff all over your face.

Would I repurchase? No

BELLA COTTON LARGE PADS: These I like. I buy them at the discounter store called Action. Very affordable and soft.

Would I repurchase? YES

EBELIN COTTON SWABS/WATTENSTÄBCHEN: This I bought in Germany as well (DM) and these are okay. Just your standars swabs.

Would I repurchase? YES

ISEREE SENSITIVE FACIAL WIPES: I don’t like facial wipes in general, because they don’t remove my makeup enough and they are usually too dry or too heavily scented. These ones are soft, moist and not scented. They don’t remove makeup completely, but they are the best I’ve tried so far. I do prefer other methods. I bought these at LIDL.  I primarily use these for swatches.

Would I repurchase: YES, for swatches.



KRUIDVAT EI (EGG) SHAMPOO: This was okay. It lathers really well, but doesn’t clean my hair enough. My hair is greasy really quickly after using this. It also dried out the ends of my hair.

Would I repurchase? NO

JOHNSON’S BABY SHAMPOO: I used this for my brushes sometimes or to wash my feet. It’s okay. I prefer Baby Love from the DM.

Would I repurchase? Maybe

PALMOLIVE SILKY SHINE EFFECT:This is a nice shampoo that is thick and rich and makes the hair really soft. It did however break out my scalp and back. It made my hair shiny and soft.

Would I repurchase? Probably not.



PALMOLIVE EXTRA VOEDEND : This one did nothing for me. It just felt as if I put nothing in my hair. My hair was tangly and not soft. I used it to shave my legs with.

Would I repurchase? NO

BALEA OIL REPAIR SPÜLUNG: I LOVE this stuff. It makes my hair super soft and shiny, without making it greasy. It has argan oil in it and no silicones. It’s for dry and damaged hair and works equally as well as the Aussie 3 minute treatments, but for a fraction of the price.

Would I repurchase? YES, and I have many times.



PLAYBOY PLAY IT LOVELY DEODORANT: This was okay. It smells sweet and floral. It’s very heavily scented, so it will overpower your perfume. If you are a one and done girl, then this is for you. If you like to wear perfume, this might be too much, it will clash with your perfume. I bought it at Action, for a reduced price.

Would I repurchase? NO

CIEN MEN SHAVING FOAM: I use this for my legs and I like it. I’ve gone through many of these. Very affordable and does the job.

Would I repurchase? YES

DOVE PURE &SENSITIVE SHOWER CREAM: This smells really nice and feels nice and hydrating on the skin. It did however cause skin irritations, even though it is for sensitive skin.

Would I repurchase? NO

HEGRON BABY OIL: I bought this at the discounter store Action. It was okay. I used it on my legs after shaving when my legs were still wet. Oils absorb better when the skin is wet. It was okay.

Would I repurchase? Probably not.



CATRICE BB ALLROUND FOUNDATION: I love this stuff. I’ve gone through so many tubes of this and have many more backups, but this has been discontinued unfortunately.

ESSENCE GET BIG! LASHES VOLUME CURL MASCARA: This used to be my favorite mascara for quite a while. I still like it, but this time it was very chunky and clumpy. The stopper was a little bit too wide if you ask me, so too much product came out at once. I do love how this curls my lashes without the need of a lash curler. It’s black, gives volume and length.

Would I repurchase? Yes, probably.

NYC HIGH DEFINITION EYELINER PEN: I liked this, but the felt tip was a bit too stiff for me. It stays put even though it isn’t waterproof and it lasted a really long time. I do recommend this eyeliner. For me personally the tip was just a bit too short and stiff, but some people might like that. It’s very affordable and available at Kruidvat.

Would I repurchase? NO

CATRICE EYEBROW FILLER, PERFECTING AND SHAPING GEL: This kept my brows in place really well. There are fibers in this product, but those cling to the wand. The wand also is very long and big. It lasted a really long time. I prefer this color (a warmer light brow) over the Essence one in Browney Brows, but I prefer the Essence brush. The Catrice one isn’t too wet and doesn’t make you brows crunchy, but it doesn’t fill in sparse areas.

Would I repurchase? YES

RIVAL DE LOOP BERLIN NATURAL TOUCH CONCEALER 02: When I first bought this, I was so impressed that I bought a backup, but after a while this just became too drying for my under eyes. It has that peachy color, so it corrects dark circles really well, but on my aging skin it shows my fine lines even more than when I don’t wear any makeup at all. I gave the backup away.

Would I repurchase? NO

CATRICE GLAM & DOLL BLACKEST FALSE LASHES MASCARA: I expected a lot from this mascara because so many people raved about it. I didn’t like it all that much. It was clumpy and didn’t do a whole lot for my lashes. It also smudged a bit right beneath my brow.

Would I repurchase? NO

MAX & MORE EYEBROW PENCIL BROWN: I loved this pencil and I already have a backup in light brown. It is pigmented, but a little bit soft (so be careful) and it stays put. It comes with an emergency sharpener in the cap, that functions but leaves the cap messy and a spooly at the end that is nicely shaped. It also comes with an extra sharpener. All of this for just 59 euro cents.

Would I repurchase? YES.

NYC APPLELICOUS LIPBALM IN BIG APPLE RED: I liked this lip balm, has a nice pigment to it and has a unique color, namely a warmer red. It felt nice on the lips and didn’t bleed. Unfortunately these have been discontinued. I found a couple at Action, so keep you eyes open at discounter stores. Also: if you have one of these and you think you have used them up completely: there’s equally as much product inside as sticks out when you roll it up completely, that doesn’t come up, so you can use a brush to get that out.



I would repurchase the Essence Sun Club bronzer, because that one is really beautiful. It’s matte and warm toned. The Max & More eyeliners have a really nasty chemical smell to them and dry up within 3 months. The Garnier BB cream, is way too yellow and the CIEN mascara (LIDL) is the worst mascara I’ve ever tried. It is very chunky, the wand is completely overflooded with product. Both the Essence eyeliners I wouldn’t repurchase.



The Evelin Brush (DM Germany) is way too stif and doesn’t distribute product well on the face. It’s also really hard to clean, so I’m just getting rid of it. I used up a Solid Cleanser by Beauty Blender and I liked it. I don’t however see the difference between this and a regular Dove beauty Bar.

Would I repurchase? The Solid Cleanser maybe (it’s expensive).


Thank you so much for visiting and reading! Let me now down below what you have used up lately! Lots of love!


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