H&M Precision Sponge review


Since the Beauty Blender came out the world has been taken over by beauty sponges and most of them aren’t great quality. I heard some good things about this particular one by H&M. Today I’m gonna tell you what I think!


I ordered mine online for €2,99 which I think is a very reasonable price. The original Beauty Blender is around € 19,99 so that’s quite steep if you ask me.


The H&M Precision sponge is white and I like that. All sponges get dirty anyway when you apply your makeup with it. I really appreciate the fact that there are no artificial dyes in this product. The real Beauty Blender is neon pink and if you have ever rinsed one out, you’ll know how much dye comes out of the product that you use on your face.

This H&M sponge is bigger and a little bit more blunt shape wise compared to the Beauty Blender, which makes it a little bit more difficult to reach small spaces, around the nose, around the eyes etc. I have to say that I prefer the feel of this H&M one. It feels so much softer and less porous than the Beauty Blender.



This is the size of the H&M sponge dry, compared to the cap of my camera. As you can see it’s not super swollen in the middle and it is about the same size as the cap.



As you can see, the middle & bottom part of the sponge have swollen quite a bit and it’s slightly larger than the cap.

The sponge swells really well and becomes very soft. Perfect right? Or maybe not….


The “butt” of the sponge is quite round and blunt, the tip also isn’t very sharp. The sponge is still very round at the top. You can hardly tell the difference, between bottom and tip, if you look at these photos.

Unfortunately this sponge soaks up so much product, that hardly anything ends up on the skin. I’ve tried applying my makeup in various ways. I’ve applied the makeup directly to the face and then tried to blend it out. Also I’ve tried picking up the product with the sponge from the back of my hand. I’ve tried placing the product on the sponge first and then applied it to the face. Either way, the sponge absorbs all of the foundation. I’m so sad about that, because this is a soft sponge, even softer than the original Beauty Blender.


  • The sponge is soft to the touch
  • The sponge swells really well, when you make it wet
  • The sponge is white and has no artificial dyes in it
  • The sponge is quite round and bluntly shaped, even at the tip, so reaching small areas might be difficult
  • The sponge is super affordable
  • H&M is cruelty free worldwide
  • Unfortunately the sponge soaks up all of your product, so almost nothing ends up on the skin.



NO, the sponge soaks up so much of the product, it’s  simply not usable. I can however see this work with a powder, but not with a liquid product.

This sponge is available at H&M for € 2,99.

Thank you so much for visiting. Lots of love!


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