Essence Purple Grey’n Eyeliner


I have mixed feelings about Essence eyeliners. Some are really pigmented and creamy and some not so much! This one just caught my eye because of the super unique color. This long-lasting eye pencil in the shade 24 Purple Grey’n is a grey, lavender with a hint of blue. Such a gorgeous color, but is it a good eyeliner? Click on the link below, if you want to know more about this eyeliner!

This eyeliner pencil by Essence is a twist up. You don’t have to sharpen this one.

You don’t get the most product in this pencil. It’s only 0.28 grams or 0.01 oz. Unfortunately these pencils by Essence and also Catrice break so easily. And I’m not talking about when they are twisted all the way up, but also if you just use the little bit that’s sticking out.

This is what I mean. This is what happened when I tried to swatch the product really carefully. Little pieces kept breaking off and at the moment the entire pencil just broke at the base, so the product inside sometimes just falls out. At first these are somewhat creamy, but they become a lot dryer really quickly. I don’t mean completely dried out, but just a dryer formula, that makes them break even easier. Also in warmer weather, like now in the summertime, they become soft and that’s also a reason for them to break.


I think the color is really unique. I’ve never seen a color like this in the drugstore before! The product is pigmented en matte. It’s easier to swatch than to actually transfer onto the eye. You need to build it up a bit, especially in the waterline. It stays put, on the upper lash line and doesn’t smudge. On the waterline it stays put reasonably well, but not perfectly. I wouldn’t say this is the most long-lasting pencil I’ve ever tried, but it isn’t bad.


  • I like that the pencil is a twist up (no sharpening)
  • Not a whole lot of product
  • Unique color
  • pigmented
  • creamy
  • becomes a dryer formula quite quickly
  • breaks too easily
  • doesn’t budge
  • You have to build up the color in the waterline to get the most intensity
  • stays put on the upper lash line really well
  • doesn’t stay put all day on the waterline (not completely)
  • very affordable
  • cruelty free
  • beautiful packaging

WOULD I RECOMMEND?  NO, I just typed yes, but then again another chunk broke off!! I had eyeliner all over the floor, and I was very careful with this one! Even though the color is quite beautiful, this one is just not workable.

If you live in the Netherlands: this eyeliner is available at Kruidvat and Trekpleister for € 1,59

Thanks for visiting and lots of love!

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