MAX & MORE Nail Polish Rustic Green


I haven’t really been into nail polish lately. Even though I really like the look on the nails I just don’t have the patience to paint my nails then wait for them to try and most importantly: not mess them up… LOL. Today I thought: okay I have this fall color I haven’t used at all, so let’s bust it out!

This color is by Max & More, which you can find at the discounter store Action here in Northern Europe. I believe L.A. Colors is from the same company. I’m not completely sure, but they have a lot of the exact same items. This particular shade is Rustic Green. I thought this would be perfect for fall, so I decided to try it out since it had been in my collection for a year.

This shimmery color is really unique. When you look at the color in the packaging it almost looks like a cool toned pewter green, but on the nails I can almost see a warm brown/ red-ish duo chrome.

On the nails:



Unfortunately they take a long time to dry. I used a base coat (the Hema ridge filler), but no top coat. The formula is really thin and the first layer (I applied 2) dried really quickly, so I thought a top coat wasn’t necessary. When I grabbed my camera I messed up my middle finger and later my thumb and pointer finger….. hm….. even though the polish had been on my nails for about half an hour.

I think the shade is really unique, but it is a bit too metallic for me. I like a metallic finish, but too metallic can sometimes look a bit cheap. On the other hand € 0,49 is not splurgy and they are cruelty free. I’m not sure if I will wear this one more often or if I will declutter it. We’ll see. They are supposed to be long-lasting.  On me: nothing is long-lasting. Every nail polish starts chipping after a day or so.

If you’re interested in this shade: it is available at Action for € 0,49.


Thank you for visiting and lots of love!!

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