Big Bazar (discounter store) Haul!


Not too long ago I took two trips to the Big Bazar. For those who are not Dutch or not familiar with this store: it’s a discounter store that sells all kind of things, including makeup. You can often find brand makeup for a discounted price. I hadn’t been to Big Bazar in a really long time, since I’ve been on a ‘no buy’, but there were some things I had been interested in for a long time. Today I will show you what I got.


These goodies I picked up on my first trip.


Maybelline Color tattoo in Mauve Crush:

This color is actually more blue than mauve to me. It has a little bit of a pink shift to it and it is quite sheer, which makes it perfect for underneath eyeshadows that you want to alter a bit. I always like wearing a color like this underneath for example a purple or a grey eyeshadow.

This was € 2,99. At the time there was a deal, buy 2, get two for free on all their A-brand makeup.

Sleek Makeup:

From Sleek I bought a Pout Polish (in de round packaging) in the color Raspberry Rhapsody. This is more like a sheer lip balm with a vanilla type scent/ flavor to it. I heard some people really don’t like the smell/taste, but I personally don’t mind it. This product is very sheer. I also bought a Pout Paint (in the tube), in the shade Mauve Over. I absolutely love this little gem. The pigmentation is crazy and this reminds me quite a bit of the OCC Lip Tars. It’s a very thin, but highly pigmented formula and I love it. This has a fruit scent to it, which I personally don’t mind.

These were € 1,99 each.

Eylure Lashes Volume Petite:


I’ve never tried Eylure lashes before, so I have absolutely no idea if these are any good, but they look promising. I don’t have the biggest eyes and I usually need to trim all lashes. These ones are petite, so they might be perfect for my eyes. They come with an adhesive.

These were € 3,99.



It’s been a long time since I had seen some Black Onyx products, but when I saw this blush, I just knew I would love it and I do. It’s a very neutral blush, that shows up a bit darker on the cheeks than you would d expect and it also has a light shimmer to it. It’s a small blush, but I don’t mind that.

This blush was € 0,99

Maybelline Baby Lips:

I have to admit, apart from the Dr. Recues I’m not a big fan of Baby Lips. I don’t find them to be super hydrating and sometimes the colors don’t look good on me. The Dr. Rescue you see in the picture is Just Peachy, one that I didn’t have already. I absolutely love it. It’s minty and sheer. I pair it with a lipliner and use it more like a sheer lipstick. It actually reminds me a lot of my Naked Dolly lipstick by Too Faced, but in a thinner formula. I really like it. The other pink one, is called Sugar Cookie. This one is especially for the Winter/ Holiday season. It had cute little mittens on it and smells like vanilla. The shade is barbie pink (sheer) with glitters. I’m not the biggest fan of the color, especially for the winter time and I think I will have to pair this one with another color, or maybe a lipliner, to make  it wearable for me.

These were: € 1,99 each.

Demakeup Cotton Pads:


These are the sensitive ones which I have never tried. Usually Demakeup is good, so I think I will like them.

These were € 1,19

Labello Lip Butter:

Sometimes these little pots are called Nivea, sometimes Labello, but it’s the same brand. I had the pink one before which I didn’t really like, because it left a pale layer on my lips. This one doesn’t seem to do that. So far I like it.

This was € 1,79

Rimmel Eyeshadow:


This royal blue eyeshadow by Rimmel is absolutely gorgeous, especially combined with gold. Unfortunately I can’t tell you the name, because the sticker that was put on the packaging was placed over the name and when I pulled it off, it took away the name of this eyeshadow as well.

This eyeshadow was € 3,99, but this week they have a deal: buy 2, get 2 for free, which I did!

Sleek Pout Polish:


Because I liked the other pout polish that I bought on my first trip so much, I bought a second one. This one is a bright pink , named Pink Cadillac. This also is a sheer formula, but I really lik them.

This one was € 1,99.

Revlon makeup:

I also found these two lip glosses in Killer Watt (top) and Kiss me Coral. The cream eyeshadow palette is called Eternal Summer. Now, I checked all these items online through their batch codes and this cream eyeshadow palette came back expired. The shelf life of a palette like this is 5 years and it has been produced in 2011, so a little bit longer than 5 years ago. I thought I should let you know. The lip glosses were just fine.

These were € 3,99 each, but the deal buy 2 get 2 is still going on at this moment.

So these are the goodies I picked up at Big Bazar lately!

Thank you so much for visiting and lots of love!



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