Essence The Little Christmas Factory Eyeshadow Palette


Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Not only do I love the weather, the coziness inside, the food, the lights and Christmas trees, but also: the great Holiday releases! Essence usually has a wonderful Christmas limited edition. This year I managed to pick up the eyeshadow palette. If you’re curious about this little thing, than please click the link!


I think the packaging is super cute and sturdy! It’s a white hard plastic palette, that comes with a mirror and closes quite nicely. This is sturdy enough to survive travel!


On the back it says: North Pole Express Delivery. I guess that is the name of the palette and I guess that ‘ The little Christmas factory’ is the name of the entire collection, because there’s more in this collection. There are nail polishes, lip products, highlighter and bronzer, accessories and even a perfume. I only picked up this palette this year, cause there wasn’t much left and also the other products didn’t appeal to me as much. Last year I bought the entire collection. I liked that collection more than this years.


The inside of the palette is super cute. The mirror is the size of the lid of the palette and it comes with 5 shades. All of the shades are shimmery, not glittery though!


The shadows are baked, so I guess you can use them wet and dry. It doesn’t say on the palette, but that usually is the case. I love the design of the shadows. They have a texture to them and are domed. They look like dripping snow, or dripping chocolate. Very cute! You get 9,78 grams of product in this palette, which i think is a lot!


When I swatched this palette in the store I was blown away. The texture of the shadows felt very soft, but not powdery and all the shades were very pigmented. Unfortunately that doesn’t transfer on to the eye very well. Especially the lighter shades don’t apply well with a brush. Hardly any pigment comes off. So I apply these with my finger. The darker shades all have a sheen to them or even a shimmer, so they are not that suitable for the crease. They can look (with exception of the green) very bland and muddy on the eyes. I haven’t tried them wet, but dry they don’t really pack a punch.


Also the colors don’t go that well together. I tried some eye looks and some turned out okay, some were simply boring and muddy and one time I was actually surprised. That was when I combined the lighter colors on the lid, with the green on the lower lash line and in the outer V area. That looked amazingly cool, but overall I would say: You need another palette or a couple of single eyeshadows to combine with this palette, because it is quite difficult to make a complete look with this palette. This palette does force you to be creative, which I think is a good thing, but this is not a palette that you just use in the morning, to create a quick eye look.

In this palette you get a shimmery dark chocolate brown, a taupe beige with a pink shift to it (which doesn’t translate onto the eyes), a grey champagne with a yellow gold sheen to it (this one looks better on the lid!), a forrest green with a shimmer as well. This is nice, but blends patchy. The last color is a yellow gold. This look good on the eye (when applied with your finger), but doesn’t pop as much as you would expect.


  • The packaging is cute, sturdy and comes with a mirror
  • The design of the shadows is very unique and cute
  • The shadows are not powdery.
  • The color combination is a bit weird in my opinion (cool, warm al mixed together)
  • No matte shades
  • The shades can look bland/dull and muddy/ patchy on the eye
  • Rather difficult to create a wearable look
  • Need to bring in another palette/ other single eyeshadows
  • Very affordable
  • Cruelty free


This isn’t the worst palette I’ve ever tried, but it isn’t the best. I think it’s cute, for the price, but I don’t think this is a “musthave”. I usually LOVE Essence eyeshadows, especially the quads and the ” All about 8 pan palettes” . Those are more affordable and better quality. I would say: Get you one of those.

This is available at Kruidvat & Trekpleister (in The Netherlands) and costs € 3,99. Be aware of the fact that this is a limited edition.

Thanks so much for visiting and lots of love!


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