L’oréal La Palette Gold


I think this L’ oréal La Palette Gold is a limited edition for the Holidays. I also think that there’s more in this particular collection. I bought it in Germany about a month ago, but I have seen this in stores in the Netherlands as well. If you’re interested, please click the link below.


The outside of the packaging is exactly like all their La Palette palettes they released. I also own the La Palette Nude, which is okay, but it isn’t my favorite palette of the world.


This is what the palette looks on the inside. It’s kind of a weird combination of colors. All colors are shimmery and a few have glitters as well. There’s not one matte color in here. Most colors are really cool toned, except for the yellow gold and the first three shades.

The packaging is quite sleek and sturdy. You also get a nice big mirror that stands up on it’s own. Inside a sponge tip applicator and brush combination is included. The packaging is a bit hard to open, which can be a good thing if you carry this in your makeup bag whilst traveling.


The colors go from pink to champagne, to purple and lavender, to gold and green and bronze. Such a weird combo. When I swatched this palette in the store I was quite surprised by the pigmentation and that is why I bought it. Now in hindsight I think it was more of an impulse buy. I don’t even like the colors that much anyway.

The first 5 lighter shades and one dark one, swatched quite nicely. The second 5 were kind of a disappointment. The shadows aren’t very pigmented and they are crumbly. When I applied these on my eyes, I was even more disappointed. With a brush almost nothing transfers onto the eyes. When applying the shadows with my fingers, I saw a bit more pigmentation coming through, but then there is that moment when you need to blend. Everything just blended away and disappeared. Also the darker shades are quite patchy and muddy. So I built the shadow up, again and again, to find that they would also just disappear throughout the day.Just gone. Nothing left. After just a short while, there was hardly any eyeshadow left on my eyes, even though I layered the shadows three times or so. Also this palette gave me a lot of fall out. The colors don’t go very well together and you most definitely need to add in a matte crease shadow. The darker shadows in this palette are not suitable for the crease. I’m usually not that picky, but I don’t like this palette at all and I really feel like I wasted € 15. These palettes are up there in price for drugstore palettes if you ask me. There are a lot palettes in the drugstore that are a lot cheaper, like the Essence All About 8 pan palettes, that are MUCH better than this one. In this palette you get 10 eyeshadows and all together that is 7 grams, which isn’t much.


  • The packaging is sleek and sturdy
  • The packaging closes really well, which makes it difficult to open
  • The palette comes with a mirror
  • It’s expensive for a drugstore palette
  • I think it is limited edition
  • The colors don’t go well together
  • The shadows lack pigmentation
  • The shadows blend away and need to be reapplied after every blend
  • The shadows disappear throughout the day
  • Fall out!
  • The shadows look dull, muddy and bland and don’t blend very well… they look patchy.
  • Each shadow has less product than your average eyeshadow.

I would NOT recommend this palette. I would say: save your money.

I’ve seen this palette at Etos in the Netherlands for € 19,99 and I bought it in Germany at Müller for €14,99. I don’t think that is worth it. Hope this review was helpful to you.

Thanks for visiting and lots of love!


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