Maybelline Master Glaze Cream Blush in Make a Mauve


I think it’s really hard to find a good cream blush, that stays put, doesn’t move, doesn’t accentuate texture and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on the cheeks. Well….. I found one! Would you like to read more about this mauve-berry cream blush, than please click the link below!


I bought this cream blush a while ago in Germany. I can’t really remember if it was at Müller or at DM. I had seen many reviews online coming from other countries and I was intrigued. I used cream blush sticks a lot when I was in high school and University and I now remember why. I just really like them, probably more than a powder blush. When you find a good cream blush, you will look so natural and pretty, but if you happen to have one that is sticky or super shiny you could look crazy! So the question is: Is this one of those good cream blushes? And the answer is YES!

This particular shade is a berry mauve, with a slight sheen to it and tiny specks of glitter that don’t really show on the skin. It just looks nice with the slightest sheen on the cheeks (almost matte!). The packaging is sturdy and ok. Nothing special, but it works.


The amount of product you get is less than the packaging suggests, but that is okay. You need only a little bit at a time, so this will last you at least a year if not longer, if you would use this every single day.

Swatch (concentrated): 


Concentrated this is pretty intense, so it is suitable for deep skin tones. It is also very easy to blend and sheer out for lighter skin tones. This one I think is suitable for everyone. Just use the amount you need (little tiny bit or a bit more) and blend to your liking. It’s easy! The formula is creamy and not dry, but dries down to skin feeling, almost like a powder. No stickiness at all! Although this is a cream: it doesn’t break out my acne prone skin. The stick doesn’t tug at the skin.

Swatch (blended out):



See how beautiful and rosy this shade can look when you blend it? I dab this onto my skin straight from the tube (like 3 dabs) and then blend it out with my E.l.f. smalle stipple brush. This works like a dream! I also tried swiping a brush onto the product and then blending it onto the skin, but this way the color got way too intense for me. If you have deeper skin, that might work for you. This formula doesn’t accentuate pores, acne scars or other texture. Also this stays put! I don’t even have to set it with a powder. The formula is absolutely not greasy, oily or slippery. Just overall a great product!


  • The color is universal: suitable for deep skin tones and easy to blend out for lighter skin tones.
  • Doesn’t accentuate texture, acne or scars.
  • Doesn’t feel tacky on the skin
  • Dries down completely, like a satin matte
  • Not greasy or oily
  • Doesn’t slip around, stays put all day
  • Doesn’t break out my acne prone skin
  • Easy to apply straight from the stick
  • Easy to blend out with a small stipple brush
  • Can be very intense if you swipe the brush over the product and then onto the face.
  • Very affordable
  • Looks natural
  • Packaging is sturdy and closes well
  • The stick doesn’t dry out quickly…. I’ve had it for more than a year (I took these photos a year ago) and it is still going strong.
  • It has tiny specks of glitter in it that don’t really show up on the skin

I have nothing bad to say about this product. I can really recommend it.

I bought this in Germany, at either Müller or DM, for I believe € 6,99 but I’m not completely sure. I know this is available at for € 10,95 (for my Dutch readers), but they only have a few in stock, so I’m not sure if these will be discontinued. I haven’t seen them in stores in the Netherlands (yet?).

Thanks you for visiting and lots of love!


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