Empties! Used up beauty & makeup items.


It’s empties time! I have both beauty items, like skincare, haircare etc as well as makeup! These I’ve gathered during the last couple of months.

I’ve used up quite a lot of items, so let’s just get started!



I liked all of these items and would repurchase all of these. I buy the Inecto Pure Coconut at the discounter store Action. Saves you a lot of money!


I really liked the Isana leave-in conditioner. It smells like apples and has nourishing ingredients like shea butter and organ oil. This didn’t weigh down my hair or turn it oily. For only € 1,69 you just can’t go wrong. The hair mask didn’t do much for my hair. The conditioner from this line does wonders, so I will stick to that.



Loved all of these. The shaving foam (from Lidl) and the shower gel (Action) are both men’s products but work really well form me. The wash gel is nice for in the bath tub, because it is so bubbly! The deodorant from CD (available at DM in Germany) was absolutely lovely. This is the sent waterlily. I also used this as a body spray.

Facial Cleansers & Eye makeup removers:


The Biodermal has been discontinued unfortunately, so won’t be able to repurchase that one. Love the Cien (Lidl) eye makeup remover as well as the Balea (DM Germany) micellar water (my holy grail). Didn’t like the Kruidvat 2 phase eye makeup remover oil. Gave me a film over my eyes and thus blurry vision. NOPE!

Cotton Pads & Cleansing cloths:


All of these were just fine. Used the Teddy Care cloths for removing swatches, not on my face. It’s way too heavily scented.I especially loved the Primark cotton pads!



Wouldn’t repurchase the hand cream, but I would repurchase the Essence nail polish remover. It isn’t the best remover I’ve ever tried but it’s definitely not a bad one for €0,99.

Dental Care:


I would definitely repurchase the floss (which I have numerous times before) and the Pro Glasur toothpaste. That one protects enamel against acids in foods and drinks and helped a lot with my teeth sensitivity.

Face Care & 1 scrub:


I’ve used many tubes of the Seba Med pflege gel (caring gel) which you can find at Müller in Germany. It’s for oily and acne prone skin, but can easily be used by people with dry or normal skin. It has a lot of good ingredients in it, like hyaluronic acid. Liked the Benzacare scrub, not the face cream. It has an SPF of 30 which is advised to use when you use products like benzoylperoxide. It smelled and felt like glue en broke my skin out really badly. Liked the Kruidvat 0% night cream a lot more than I expected. It’s moisturizing and a little bit thicker, but is not heavy on the skin at all. The Biodermal matte SPF fluids I liked when I just opened the tube, but after a while they aren’t mattifying anymore and make your skin look oily.



I’m not going to repurchase any of these. I hated the EOS lip balm is Sweet Mint: not very moisturizing, drags on the skin, feels gritty and smells awful. Also makes your lips feel ice cold and very tingly.

The Catrice BB cream has been discontinued, but I have some backups. The Maybelline Las Sensational mascara was awful as well: made my eyes burn, flaked and was a disaster to remove. The flakes would even get stuck inside my pores! Everything else was just okay.

Thank you so much for visiting and lots of love!

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