Max & More Highlight, Foundation, Contour and Blush palette


I just reviewed the 24 eyeshadow palette in nude, but Max & More also brought out a highlight, contour & blush palette. I can already tell you that this is equally as great quality as the eyeshadow palette, so click the link below!

Just like the eyeshadow palettes, this palette comes in a nicely designed cardboard box. You can easily see what is inside.

The packaging itself is sleek and sturdy, but simple. It doesn’t come with a mirror, which is not a deal breaker in my book.


The inside of the palette is absolutely gorgeous!! From left to right (upper row) you get 1 shimmery champagne highlighter, one yellow toned and one pink toned matte powder, which you can use to highlight with or even use as a powder foundation (I haven’t tried that) and a satin pink shade, with both warm tones and blue tones in it. Very very beautiful!

Row 2 is a combination of beautiful shimmery warm golden bronzer, as wel as 2 matte bronzing/contour shades and a really beautiful red-gold blush with an intense sheen. All products are very creamy and pigmented, but not TOO pigmented, because sometimes  that can be a problem.



The quality of these powders is ridiculously good! The highlight looks so natural and dewy on the skin, without any glitters. Just beautiful. I mean: it is intense, but it doesn’t look like a fake highlighter. It melts in with the skin. Both the two matte powders are very pigmented and good quality : very creamy and not chalky at all! The blush is absolutely stunning: pigmented, but not too crazy pigmented, gives a nice sheen, without looking like a Christmas ornament. Just plain beautiful! Depending on what you combine it with (you eye look and lips) this blush cab lean more cool toned, or warm toned.



The bronzey shade is shimmery, but not glittery. You can use this as a blush as well as a subtle golden sheen on the cheeks. I think deeper skin tones can use this as a highlighter. The two contour powders are beautiful! One is slightly deeper and a tad bit warmer than the other, but both are very beautiful as a contour. The blush is gorgeous! It reminds me of Nars Orgasm a bit, but slightly more red, like Sleek Golden Rose. All these powders are really soft and creamy and not powdery at all! I love them. They are so easy to work with!


  • Sleek, sturdy packaging
  • Cruelty free
  • Very affordable (€ 1,98)
  • Pigmented
  • Smooth
  • Creamy
  • Not powdery
  • Easy to blend
  • Nice variety of matte and shimmers
  • Suitable for a lot of skin tones
  • High quality for such a little price!
  • Each pan is full-size, almost 5 grams per pan, which is a lot!
  • Very subtle and buildable!

I absolutely love this palette, just like I love the eyeshadow palette in Nude. I haven’t tried the colorful one yet, but I bought it and will review it shortly. I expect the same great quality from that palette. I also bought another contour, blush & highlight palette from Action, that is of lesser quality. I will review that very soon. This palette is definitely a recommendation.

You can find this palette at the discounter store Action for € 1,98.

Thanks a lot for visiting and lots of love!

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