New Max & More 24 Eyeshadow Palette2 Nude (Action)


Max & More (the homebrand of the discounter store Action) has been bringing out a lot of new palettes and other makeup items lately. So I have a lot of reviews for you that will be coming in the near future! Today I would like to focus on this new Max & More 24 eyeshadow palette in 02 Nude. They also have a colorful palette in this range, which is called 01 Color. The review of that palette will be coming soon. If you want to know a little bit more about this neutral palette, then please click the link below!

The palette comes in a cardboard box which I think is designed very cutely! I love how you can see, what is inside the box.


The palette itself is sleek, black, sturdy, thin and nicely designed as well.

The inside of the palette is simple, no mirror, which isn’t a big deal to me and 24 really beautiful neutral shades.


When you look at this palette, you might think: these colors all look kinda similar. At least that is what I thought, but on the eye they’re very different. You can create so many different looks with this palette: warm toned, cool toned, matte, shimmer, smokey. Everything your heart desires, and everything neutral! The black part that holds the actual pans, is a thin plastic. You could (if you want to) really easily remove the pans and put them in another palette, like a Z-palette. I don’t see the purpose in that because this palette is so cheap and a Z-palette is kinda expensive. This palette is sturdy enough for traveling.



This row has some mattes, shimmers and satin eyeshadows, which are all really really beautiful, pigmented, long-lasting and smooth. Some eyeshadows are a bit crumbly, but that doesn’t affect the quality on the eyes. The shadows are very creamy.



Ik hope my photos show you how much variety you get in this palette. In the pans, all the shades looked kinda similar. From these swatches you can tell how diverse the shadows are and how beautiful they are!



The last row is very diverse as well. All these shades are shimmery with the exception of the black at the end which is more of a matte-satin.

To sum up: In this palette you get 6 completely matte shades, from nice brow bone highlights to crease shades, outer V shades and eyeliner shades. The rest is a combination of shimmers and satins, which are alle very pigmented. Even the mattes are nicely pigmented and blend really well. I love this palette!! I couldn’t believe my eyes, when I saw the results on my lids, especially considering that this palette costs only € 1,98. This brand is cruelty free.


  • Sleek , sturdy packaging
  • Pigmented shadows
  • Mattes, shimmers and satins
  • Very bendable, even the mattes!
  • Nice variety
  • neutral, work & school appropriate
  • cruelty free
  • no mirror
  • sturdy enough for travel
  • Very affordable (€ 1,98)
  • cruelty free
  • Very creamy eyeshadows
  • very easy to work with
  • long-lasting on the eyes!
  • Even though some eyeshadows are crumbly: no fall out underneath the eyes!

This is one of the best palettes I have tried in my life (high end included). It’s definitely not the same texture as Urban Decay, but it gives a similar result on the eyes! I was able to create so many different looks with this. I have been using it, ever since I got it and loved every outcome! This is definitely a recommendation!

This palette you can find at discounter store Action for € 1,98. There also is a colorful palette, that I bought and I will review in the near future. There’s also a contour, blush and highlight palette for the same price that is equally as fantastic (review coming next!)

Thank you so much for visiting and lots of love!


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