2 X L’Oréal Foundation Review (Cushion & Infallible Matte)


I had been dying to try both of these foundations for a while. Even though I hear mixed reviews on the Cushion foundation I still wanted to try it. When Kruidvat had a deal a few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge! Today I will be sharing my thought with you. If you’re interested then please click the link below.


Both the L’oréal Nude Magique Cushion foundation and the L’oréal Infallible 24H-Matte foundation I chose in the shade Vanilla. I always have such a hard time picking the right color, even when there are testers!

L’Oréal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation 03 Vanilla:


I just absolutely love the packaging. It looks so cute and there’s something about a cushion foundation and the method of application that really appeals to me. I chose the shade 03 Vanilla, since I thought 01 Porcelain would be too light for me. Maybe I should have gone with Porcelain cause this shade is fairly dark. There was no shade in between, which I found very strange. There are I believe 5 or 6 colors, but they vary a lot in color and in depth. It’s difficult to find the right shade. This product has an SPF of 29 which seems a bit of a random number to me. Why 29 and not the average 30? But ok, at least it has an SPF!

The inside of the packaging is also very cute. It comes with a mirror, and you little puff is stored separately from the product. The packaging closes very well.


When you open that lid, which is attached, you’ll find your cushion. I have to admit that the product looks a lot darker in the packaging, than it appears on the skin, so keep that in mind. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of product in here, about half the amount of a regular foundation and that for a whopping price of € 17,99 which I think is absolutely ridiculous for a drugstore foundation. COME ON L’ORÉAL! I heard that once your cushion starts to dry out, you can flip it over and use the other side for a while. This foundation does not break me out.

I do however really love this foundation and the method of application. The product is quite sheer, but is buildable to a light coverage. Even though I have a lot of redness and acne scars, this works well for canceling that out and giving me a more even complexion. This doesn’t sink into fine lines and pores and doesn’t cling to dry patches, which I absolutely love. The finish is dewy. Very suitable for dryer skin types, but can look oily on oily skin. Maybe you’ll have to set it with a powder. It doesn’t dry down completely. It stays a tad bit tacky on the skin. That might not be the case if you have super dry skin. The little puff/sponge that is comes with works nicely to distribute the product. My concern though, is this: even when you use your brush of own beauty blender: You still go back and forth into the product, contaminating the product with bacteria from your face. I wonder how hygienic that is…. Normally you would put some makeup from a bottle or a squeezy tube on your hand and then use it. This isn’t the most long-lasting foundation I’ve ever tried, but it fades evenly and not patchy. (Swatches will be below!).


L’Oréal Infallible 24H-Matte Foundation in 11 Vanilla:


The Infallible 24H Matte foundation comes in a tube. I don’t think this tube is see-through   so I guess you can’t rely on the color of the tube for the color of the product. I chose Vanilla as well, because I thought that would be the closest match for me.


I think the tube is nice. The small opening helps to keep the product fresh and also helps with not squeezing out too much at once.  This product claims to have a medium texture, which I agree on. They also claim that this foundation is matte and high coverage and I agree on both of those claims as well. But: does that look good on the skin?? That depends on whether you have dry skin/ flaky skin or not. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous on well moisturized combo/oily skin, but…. if you have a few flakes this will MOST DEFINITELY accentuate that and cling to them. If you have a lot of texture from acne, acne scars, especially acne that is healing (drying out) this will accentuate that a lot and the product will even break around those areas. The product is very long-lasting, but breaks in textured areas of the face, making me look like I have a really crusty skin. I don’t like that at all! But I do like how this looks when I don’t have too much acne or texture going on. This foundation does not have an SPF. I think this would work better for me in the summertime, over the top of a good SPF. On my dry flaky winterskin, this doesn’t look good. I would however recommend this to anyone with combo/oily skin, because it does keep you matte all day. This might have caused some breakouts on my skin, but I’m not entirely sure. The product can look heavy/cakey on the skin, so be careful to not apply too much.

Even though this is also called Vanilla, this shade is very cool toned, compared to the warm toned shade, that is called Vanilla in the Cushion foundation. I compared the two in the swatches below:




As you can see in the swatches : the Infallible foundation is a lot thicker and a lot more cool toned. This one also provides more coverage. The Cushion foundation is very sheer, lightweight, almost watery. I prefer the Cushion foundation.

Conclusion Cushion Foundation:

  • Lightweight
  • light but buildable coverage
  • easy to apply
  • cute packaging
  • very little product in the packaging
  • doesn’t break me out
  • small shade range
  • not very hygienic
  • doesn’t cling to dry patches
  • doesn’t sink into pores or fine lines
  • very pricey!!
  • easy to take with you, to touch up on the go
  • SPF 29
  • Might not be suitable for oily skin
  • dewy finish
  • doesn’t dry out the skin
  • stays a bit tacky, doesn’t dry down completely
  • not super long-lasting, but fades evenly

Conclusion Infallible 24 Matte Foundation:

  • really is matte
  • long-lasting
  • medium to full coverage
  • medium thickness of the product
  • hygienic squeezy tube
  • no SPF
  • Accentuates dry flakes and texture (acne, acne scars, wrinkles) A LOT!
  • suitable for combo to oily skin
  • can look heavy/cakey on the skin
  • contains 35 ml, which is slightly more than your average foundation packaging.
  • pricey as well

I would recommend both products but the Cushion foundation I wouldn’t recommend to people with oily skin and the Infallible foundation I wouldn’t recommend to people with dry skin.

The Cushion Foundation you can find at Kruidvat (also online) and Etos and probably other drugstores as well for € 17,99. The Infallible foundation you can find at the same places for € 15,99. I would wait for a deal! Keep in mind that both Vanillas are a completely different shade and undertone!

Thank you so much for visiting and lots of love. Let me know if this review was helpful!!

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