Rival de Loop Young Crazy Matt’n’Lasting Lipgloss


Rival de Loop Young is a German brand, that is very very affordable, comparable to Essence and sometimes even cheaper. They also have a more mature line, which is called Rival de Loop Berlin. I love a lot of their products, and these matte lip glosses (a.k.a. liquid lipsticks) are absolutely AMAZING! Click the link if you want to know more about these!


I love everything about these cuties! I love the packaging, though it’s a bit cheap, but it looks cute! At first I bought just one shade, to try out. I chose the most neutral one, the one on the left, which is called 02 Trendsetter. I loved that one so so much, that the last time I was in Germany I bought 3 other ones and I’m so madly in love with these that I probably will purchase the rest of the line when I’m at the Rossmann drugstore again! Can you believe that these sweeties (that are really fantastic quality as well!) are only €1,79??? If I’m correct this brand is cruelty free.

02 Trendsetter:

I believe this is the most popular shade out of the range. It’s a very neutral rosy-mauve shade that I think will work for everybody!



This swatch is still wet, but I promise you these dry completely matte. There’s absolutely no shine to them once they’re dry.

04 XOXO:

Xoxo is a really beautiful, also super matte, classic red shade, with the perfect amount of warmth to it, if you ask me. This is another color, that I think will suit everybody!

05 Happy Hour:

Happy Hour is comparable to the first shade I showed you, Trendsetter, but this one is somewhat deeper in tone and leans more towards berry. Also very very matte!

06 Star Appeal:

Star Appeal is one of their newer additions to this line. It’s a very cool vibrant purple with a pink hue to it. Absolutely stunning and fabulous for both winter and the upcoming spring. Once again: very matte!

Swatches just applied:


F.l.t.r: 02 Trendsetter, 04 XOXO, 05 Happy Hour, 06 Star Appeal

As you can see these are very pigmented and full color. The texture is very thin, like water and dries completely matte. The wand is a bit flimsy, so that makes it a bit harder to apply the product, but at the same time, the wand glides over your lips like a dream and doesn’t distribute more product to certain areas. Also because the wand is so soft and wiggly  the wand doesn’t take away product, whilst you apply it, if you know what I mean. Sometimes a wand is so hard, that the application becomes streaky. They’re not patchy at all. You can easily build them up to the intensity you want. A light layer, gives you a light coating (not sheer!) , but you can also apply a bit more to get the fullest potential out of these!

Swatches after a few seconds of drying:


F.l.t.r.:  02 Trendsetter, 04 XOXO, 05 Happy Hour, 06 Star Appeal

In this photo they haven’t set completely, but it gives you an idea how they dry. When they first start to dry they are a bit sticky, but that will almost completely go away. They don’t bleed outside the lipline and don’t fade in a patchy way. They stay on the lips for a very long time, even when you eat or drink. They hardly transfer onto your cup or glass, or smear on your scarf. This is not an item you have to babysit all day. They wear off nicely and evenly. They last for at least 8 hrs on the lips before they start to fall apart…. without touch ups!! The only shade in this range that clung on to a dry patch on my lip was the third from the left, nr. 5 Happy Hour. This is the darkest one in the range. But it wasn’t terrible. I would recommend scrubbing your lips or applying a lip balm and let that absorb before you apply that particular color. These don’t dry out the lips or accentuate lines in the lips. They don’t crack or break (they almost feel ‘flexible’). They don’t have a scent. I remove them at night with a little bit of olive oil and that works just fine. I LOVE THESE! They are better than the Hourglass or the Kat Von D ones if you ask me! I can’t believe these are only €1,79!!



  • Beautiful shade range (there are even more shades)
  • Very matte (as promised by the packaging).
  • Buildable (you can go as light or as dark as you want)
  • Very opaque
  • Very long-lasting
  • No scent
  • Flimsy wand, that has it’s pro’s and con’s.
  • Very very affordable!
  • Cruelty Free
  • Don’t crack or break on the lips, don’t crumble after a while
  • Wear off really evenly
  • Survive meals very well
  • Don’t bleed outside the lips
  • No babysit-product that you have to worry about all day
  • Don’t transfer onto teeth
  • Hardly transfer onto cup/glass , or not at all
  • Dry quickly
  • Don’t dry out the lips
  • Do not accentuate lines in the lips
  • Don’t feel uncomfortable on the lips

I absolutely love these. They are my favorite liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried so far and I’ve tried many! These stay put better than the Kat Von D and the Hourglass ones. I prefer these!

You can find this brand in Germany at the Rossmann Drogerie (drugstore). I’ve seen some photos from Turkish bloggers who have this brand, so maybe this is available in Turkey too??

These are only €1,79 (Still can’t believe it!!)

Thank you so much for visiting and lots of love. Are you gonna give these a shot?



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  1. beautiful colour!
    curious how they look on the lips



  2. Noor zegt:

    Where can I buy this


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