Catrice The Nude Blossom Collection Eyeshadow Palette


When I was at Kruidvat (a Dutch drugstore) not that long ago, I noticed this little palette, that I had never seen before. I swatched it, thought it looked nice and brought it home with me. Would you like to read what I think of this palette, then please click the link below.


When I first spotted this palette, it was part of a limited edition. On the Catrice website I just read that this is a permanent palette and that they will be coming out with more of these, a nude one, a copper one and a matte one, that also looks somewhat rosy. I don’t know if the new releases are in stores already, but it won’t take long.

I have to admit: I’m not the biggest fan of Catrice eyeshadow palettes. I do like a lot of their single eyeshadows, but their palettes usually do’t really float my boat. When I swatched it and noticed that the consistency of these shadows where really different from what I’m used to by Catrice I decided to give it a go. The swatches were very promising.

The packaging is simple, a clear plastic. Nothing fancy, but you can easily see which palette you’re dealing with. The pink letters give the palette a more pink vibe, than it actually has. I have noticed that with their Rose Nudes palette from the previous line as well. The colors inside are all shimmery of satin, with the exception of the dark grey sculpt shade in the top right corner. The palette is predominantly cool toned, with exception of the peachy shade in the middle.



As the photos show: some eyeshadows are very crumbly, especially the 2 darker shades on the right. Some shadows are decently pigmented, others are okay. Nothing in this palette is terrible, but nothing is overwhelmingly good. Unfortunately the shadows all kind of blend together into one shade on the eye. They don’t give intense definition. Especially the mid-tones, like the champagne, the pinks and the peachy shades all really morphe into one color on the eye. Apart from the lightest shade (on the left) and the shade called  “Light” at the top of the palette (swatched down below), nothing really pops on the eye.



The Light shade, is very shimmery and nicely pigmented. I like to use this as a bit of shimmer in the center of the mobile lid or as an inner corner highlight. The Sculpt shade is very grey and crumbly. It shows up on the eyes, but it isn’t super black. It’s not terrible for a  bit of definition in the outer corner of the eye, but it doesn’t really show up a whole lot as a liner for example.

Now is this a bad palette? No. Can you make some decent looks with it? Yes. The problem however is: you can’t get many different looks out of this palette. It often turns into the same thing. Which is a decent very neutral and beautiful eye look, suitable for work or school, but this palette doesn’t give me enough variety for having 9 shadows. The palette contains 10 grams of product for 9 eyeshadows, which I think is a lot. The packaging is sturdy, the brand is cruelty free and very affordable (€4,99). I also miss a crease shade, so I’m tempted to pull in a separate shadow for that purpose. Even though I’m not wowed by this palette I’m still curious to see what the other palettes will look like. Maybe they will give a bit more variety.  This is definitely not bad and I will get good use out of it, but I expected more.


  • Simple packaging
  • Sturdy packaging
  • 9 different eyeshadows
  • 10 grams of product
  • Cruely free
  • Affordable
  • Powdery shadows (some)
  • Pigmentation is okay (mediocre)
  • Mostly cool toned, apart from one warm toned, peachy shade
  • The dark eyeshadows show up grey on the eye
  • Even though there are 9 eyeshadows, the palette doesn’t really give enough variety
  • A lot of the pink and peachy shades don’t really pop on the eye and kind of blend together
  • Fallout with the darker shades
  • All shimmery or satin, 1 glitter shade (on the most right corner) and 1 matte (the sculpt shade)
  • No transition shade for the crease
  • If you don’t blend very carefully, you will blend away the shadows

I have mixed feelings about this palette. It’s not terrible, but it’s not the best. Would I recommend it? Only if you like really natural looks. If you tap off your brush, the fallout can be reduced to a minimal. I will use it, but it’s not one of my favorite palettes, even though I’m a sucker for rosy shades. I like the W7 in the Nude palette better and also the Essence All about palettes are better in my opinion. This palette is better quality than the palettes Catrice used to have (the Absolute…. range).

This palette is available at Kruidvat and Trekpleister (in the Netherlands) for € 4,99.

Thanks so much for visiting and lots of love!

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