Essence Lipliners: Honey Berry and Yummy Berry


The Essence lipliners are my all time favorites! So I decided to compare 2 almost identical colors from both of their lipliner lines, to see which one was the best quality. If you like Essence lipliners just like I do or if you are curious about these…. you can click the link below for more information!

Both of these lipliners are berry shades which are almost completely identical. The one in the front is a wooden pencil that you need to sharpen in the shade 15 Honey Berry. An absolutely gorgeous creamy berry shade. The one in the back is an Essence Long-lasting lipliner in 03 Yummy Berry, equally as beautiful, but a little bit more ” expensive” .

Let’s compare the two shall we?!

Essence Lipliner 15 Honey Berry:


I own quite a few Essence lipliners from this pencil range and I love them. The same goes for this one: creamy, opaque and full color on the lips. Does not dry out the lips and stays on the lips for quite a long time. Lovely to pair with a lipstick, but can also be worn on it’s own, like a lipstick. The finish is matte. For €0,99 these are a bargain! I don’t mind the fact that you need to sharpen these, but that is a matter of taste.

Swatch Essence Lipliner (wooden pencil) in 15 Honey Berry:


This lipliner has a really beautiful berry-pink color. Absolutely stunning for (if you ask me) every season. You can pair this with a dark lipstick in the fall and wintertime, but this looks really beautiful with a minimal eye look and bronzed skin in the summertime. It can both be vampy/ festive as well as vibrant.

Essence Long-lasting lipliner in 03 Yummy Berry:


Yummy Berry is a twist-up pencil in a plastic case. Nice and convenient for on the go. There even is a sharpener at the back of this pencil, but mine came without an actual sharpener. There just was an empty little cap at the bottom of the pencil unfortunately, but I think it was just this one. This lipliner is even creamier, smoother and more opaque than the pencil lipliner above. That comes with one problem though: these break fairly easily. You have to be very careful whilst applying the liner. You als have to make sure to not twist it too far up, or it will break. That happens a lot with Essence (and Catrice) twist-up pencils in general, whether they’re lip- or eyeliners.

Swatches of both of them side by side:


Left: Essence wooden pencil 15 Honey Berry, Right: Essence Long-lasting twist-up pencil in 03 Yummy Berry.

Maybe you can tell that the twist-up pencil (on the right) is creamier and slightly pinker. Both are really beautiful, but the Long-lasting pencil on the right stays on the lips better and longer than the one you have to sharpen (on the left).

I love them both. Both have their pro’s and minor cons, but they are amazing, especially considering the price!


  • The twist-up pencil in Yummy Berry (long-lasting) is creamier, longer-lasting and more opaque, but breaks easily. This one also comes with a sharpener
  • The wooden pencil needs to be sharpened and leans slightly more purple, but is very creamy, pigmented and beautiful as well
  • Both are matte
  • Both are non-drying and comfortable as well as long-lasting
  • Cruelty free
  • Very affordable
  • Cute convenient packaging
  • The Long-lasting twist-up pencil comes with a sharpener at the bottom of the pencil (mine was defective)

I love them both and can recommend both. They are available at Kruidvat and Trekpleister (in the Netherlands). The wooden pencil in 15 Honey Berry is €0,99 (Whut??) and the Long-lasting twist-up pencil in 03 Yummy Berry is € 1,59 (Whut?? again!). So affordable for such wonderful products. Love them! Both come in a variety of shades!

Thank you so much for visiting and lots of love!



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2 reacties op Essence Lipliners: Honey Berry and Yummy Berry

  1. sabrina zegt:

    Ik heb deze ook in een aantal andere kleuren, vind ze allebei super fijn! Volgens mij gaat een van deze kleuren eruit


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