Action Shape & Blush Palette, Lip Dual and Single Blush


Not that long ago I reviewed a Blush & Contour palette by Max & More (the homebrand of Action) and I absolutely loved it. This is also sold by Action. On the back it says Maxbrands, so I’m guessing it’s by the same brand, but it doesn’t say so on the packaging. I absolutely loved the other Blush & Contour palette by Max & More, but do I feel the same about this one? I also bought one of their newer single blushes and a lipstick-lipgloss duo, which used the be called Fashion Professional. If you want to know more, please click the link below.


Action keeps coming out with new makeup items, which I love, but they keep using different names for the products. Sometimes it’s Max&More, sometimes Max Cosmetics, sometimes Fashion Professional and these products really don’t say anything, apart from “Maxbrands”  on the back of the products.

I usually really like the makeup items by Action, but not everything is a win.

Shape & Blush Palette:

The palette comes in a box with a clear window. Don’t confuse this palette with the Max & More Palette, which I love that looks like this:


Today we are talking about this (nameless) palette:


The palette itself looks okay. I was intrigued by the different colors. Everything in this palette is matte, with exception of the third blush shade from the top row. This one has the slightest, hardly detectable, sheen , which I didn’t notice until I used the product. The palette comes in a plastic case, with a clear window, which I think is convenient.


Inside of the Palette:


Inside you’ll find 4 blushes, 1 cool tones baby pink, one bright warm peachy pink, one super bright fuchsia and one crazy pigmented orange-red. The pigmentation is absolutely crazy. For my light skin a little bit too much. I think this would be a great palette for women with a beautiful deep skin tone, with exception of the lightest blush and light powders in the bottom row. The powders are nicely pigmented, but powdery. The deeper bronzing and contour powder, are very very pigmented, especially the deepest shade.

Swatches Blushes:


Apart from the lightest blush I have a really hard time using these. They are too pigmented for my light skin. Yes there can be such a thing as too pigmented, at least for lighter skin. That’s why I believe that some of these blushes would really show up on deeper skin tones, but the lightest blush probably won’t.

Swatches Powders & Bronzer & Contour:


The powders all are pigmented. The contour powder is way too dark for me, so I really have to tap off my brush and blend. blend, blend, to get some use out of this shade. The powders feel soft, but are very powdery. They also develop ” hard pan” really quickly (a hard layer, that makes it almost impossible to use the powder again, unless you scrape it off.). I haven’t really found use for the ” banana” powder and the pink powder. They can look chalky on the skin, and don’t highlight very well. They are not terrible, but I simply don’t really know how to use them. I miss a shimmery highlight in this palette. Also I think the bronzer looks orange on the skin. The powders are all difficult to blend. They easily look patchy.

This is not my favorite palette. I prefer the Max & More contour & blush palette.

Single Blush in Pink:


I never really owned a cool toned super light pink blush, so I thought: hey, let’s give this one a go!



I expected a really great blush, because I love Action blushes. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed. Well, this one unfortunately does.

Inside of the packaging:


This looks nice doesn’t it? But when I swatched it…….. nothing!

Swatches Single Blush in Pink:

This swatch was layer upon layer upon layer. This product is so hard, almost nothing comes off. The same goes for applying it with a brush. It does show up a bit better on the cheeks, but still you have to build the blush up. This blush is not suitable for skin types deeper than light. Also this blush developed ‘hard pan’ even quicker than the palette I just showed you. There are 2 more shades in this line, that were very deep. I’m not sure how pigmented those are, but this one is a miss for me.

Lip Dual in Rose:


I own more of these Lip Duals, but they were from the brand ” Fashion professional” before, so I’m not sure what happened there, but they are the exact same formula. The product is called Rose, but is straight up brown.


This product is a combination of a lipstick and a lipgloss, that are supposed to match.






I really like this product. The lipstick looks like a very 90’s brown lipstick. The gloss is slightly more rosy. They are both pigmented and the lipstick is very creamy. They work really well together, but also look beautiful worn separately. The staying power is fantastic, even with the gloss on top.



Top: lipstick, Bottom: Gloss.


  • The Contour & Blush Palette is very crumbly and powdery
  • The blushes in the palette are crazy (too) pigmented for light skin, might be suitable for deeper skin tones
  • The bronzer/ contour in the palette are slightly orange
  • The powders develop ‘hard pan’ really quickly
  • I don’t find a use for the 2 powders (pink & yellow)
  • There is no shimmery highlighter in the palette
  • All shades in the palette are matte, with one exception: the third blush form the top row has a slight sheen to it.
  • Difficult to apply : patchy.
  • The single blush in Pink is not pigmented, does not show up, even on my light skin
  • The single blush in Pink developed ‘ hard pan’ after one use.
  • The Lip Dual is very creamy, pigmented and beautiful
  • The Lip Dual has nice staying power
  • All these items are very affordable

I would only recommend the Lip Dual. Everything else was a miss for me. The palette is €1,99 , the single blush in Pink is €0,99 and the Lip Dual in Rose is also €0,99. All available at Action. If you’re looking for a fantastic blush & contour palette, I would buy the one in the black packaging by the brand Max & More.

Thanks for visiting and lots of love!

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