Lidl Brush Set


These brushes I bought a long time ago at Lidl, the supermarket. I wanted to review them, but I was too late… I thought. But at the moment they have them again, so I thought: okay, let’s review them now!

If you’re interested then please click the link below!


I believe this time they are sold in a couple of different boxes, but when I bought mine they only had this one.


There are six brushes in this set.


The brushes come  in a cute faux leather ‘purse’.  It looks cute, but feels a bit cheap, like sticky plastic.

You can store all these brushes separately in their own little pocket. Over the brushes comes a flap that protects and covers them during your traveling. You can roll the ‘purse’ up and tie it together, with the two faux leather strings.


Inside you will find 6 brushes: 1 eyeliner brush, 1 lip brush, 1 powder brush, 1 blush brush, 1  mascara/eyebrow spooly and 1 sponge tip applicator.



The powder brush is actually quite soft, but also a bit flimsy, which can be perfect for powders that you want to apply very lightly. This can also be used as a blush brush. I like this brush a lot. It’s smooth and soft.



This brush is very soft as well, but very very flimsy. It’s very suitable for blush, but not for contouring. I tried, but it applies bronzer or contour a bit too patchy, simply because the bristles aren’t strong/firm enough. I do like it for blush though.



This brush I use for concealer. The bristles are smooth, but stiff (not very flexible). I don’t like this for eyeshadow. It’s actually too big for my eyes. But it works okay for concealer, to pad on a concealer really concentrated on a blemish for example. Maybe this would work well for someone with big eyes for cream shadow. It’s not my favorite.



This is just an average spooly. I use this to brush through my brows before and after I fill them in, or to brush out clumpy mascara. It’s just fine. Nothing wrong with it.



This brush has a weird cut. It’s cut straight with a few longer bristles on one side of the brush. The bristles are smooth, but stiff. This doesn’t really work well for applying something like an eyeliner. You can however use this for a line of eyeshadow underneath the eye, but there are better brushes out there. It did the job, but I’m not a fan.


I use this for my eyeshadow. I think this would really work well with cream eyeshadows as well. It does crumble your powder eyeshadows a bit, because the brush is quite stiff, so be careful with it. It’s the perfect size for smaller eyelids. I haven’t tried it as a lip brush yet. I think it would work, but for my lips it might be a bit too big. It’s okay, but not my favorite brush out there.



This is just a sponge tip, but the quality is actually quite good. I like this for packing on shadow on the lid as well as applying my brow bone highlight. It applies shadows really well.



  • Some brushes I really like, some I don’t, but every single one I found a use for. Are they super good quality? No, some are good, some are average, but they aren’t bad.
  • The faux leather ‘purse’ (don’t really know what to call it), is cute and sturdy but feels a bit cheap.
  • The brushes are synthetic
  • The bristles are smooth
  • Very affordable
  • The bigger brushes are flimsy and the smaller brushes quite stiff (not very flexible)
  • My favorites are the powder, blush and lip brush, but I also like the spooly and sponge tip.

For €4,99 (I believe) this is not too bad, especially considering you get 6 brushes. It’s not Real Techniques quality, but still. Less than €5 for 6 brushes is okay I think. You can find this little ” pouch” at the supermarket Lidl. They are available in The Netherlands currently

Thank you for visiting and lots of love!



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