Rival de Loop Young Fabulous Kit Lip Colour Palette


This ridiculously cute lip palette was a limited edition, but you might still be able to find it at Rossmann Germany, that’s why I thought: I’m reviewing it anyway!


The packaging reminds me so much of the tins by Too Faced. This looks so cute! It isn’t very sturdy, it’s a bit wobbly but for this price (€3,79) I don’t care too much about that.

In the tin there are 9 matte lip colors, in a nice variety of shades.  In total you get 7 grams.

You get 3 rows of lip colors, 3 pans are double the size compared to the other six.



I like most of the colors in this palette, apart from the really bright Barbie pinks, but that’s just not my thing. I love that they even gave them names.

All colors are  (semi-)matte, but some have more shine to them than others. They aren’t all 100% matte. Luckily there are no glitters or frosty shades in this palette. They are very pigmented and creamy, but definitely not too creamy. They don’t slip and slide. They are a bit difficult to apply with a brush, so I would recommend using your fingers. This works the best for me. They stay put for a long time and leave a stain on the lips.

Swatches Row 1:


I really like the top row. The purple color on the right is difficult to work with and I wouldn’t recommend wearing it on it’s own. I like it to deepen up the other shades and I use a lip brush for that. This shade on it’s own can be really patchy and streaky/dry.

Swatches Row 2:


The second row is a bit brighter. I especially love the purple-pink on the left. All are very pigmented and creamy.

Swatches Row 3:


The last row is a combination of pink, nude and red. All very beautiful and in all honesty the swatches don’t do them justice, especially the red color on the right. That’s a very beautiful classis red.


I would recommend this palette very muchly. I would apply a lip balm and let it absorb before you apply this palette. That works the best. I would also recommend applying the majority of the shades with your finger. Maybe use a brush to deepen up a lip color, with the dark shades, like an ombré effect.

I hope this palette is still available, since it was a limited edition. They also had an eyeshadow palette in this packaging, but that was sold out everywhere I looked. I found this at Rossmann in Germany for ….. believe it or not €3,79.

Thanks for visiting and lots of love!

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