Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit


I love most Makeup Revolution products. They are usually very good quality. The same goes for this cute little palette that I got as a gift for Christmas. I have it in Ultra Fair C01. Would you like to know more about this little gem, then click the link below.


I got mine in (what I think is) the lightest shade. This small palette contains a contour shade/ bronzer, a highlighter and a blush. Although the palette is quite small and easy to take with you, it contains 11 grams, which I think is a nice amount of product. Also: there’s no wasted space in this palette and no crappy brush that nobody uses anyway. Yes, the packaging is simple, but it’s sturdy and convenient. I like it.




The palette is called Sculpt & Contour Kit, so I kind of expected a shade called contour. Even though it is called Bronzer, it can work as a contour, but maybe not for every skin tone. It’s not orange on my warm toned light skin, but it pulls a bit red. It could function as a blush for me as well. It does look very natural. This shade is completely matte. The highlighter is GORGEOUS! It’s very shimmery and creamy, but not glittery or fake looking. Yes it can be intense, but it almost gives a dewy/wetlook finish to the skin. Just beautiful. The blush is a peachy pink wit golden sheen, which is beautiful, but I keep having the same issue with these types of blushes. The golden sheen shows up on my skin very well, but the pink doesn’t. You can build it up of course, but then the golden sheen gets too crazy. It works more like a highlight on me. The blush and the highlighter together on my skin, is a bit too much sheen.


Inside the palette you get the tiniest mirror I’ve ever seen. Not very useful if you’d ask me.

Let’s do some close ups!


All powders are very creamy and totally not powdery or chalky. The bronzer/ contour is matte. The highlight and blush are very shimmery.



The pigmentation is very beautiful. Even though the bronzer is a tad bit warm, it still look natural and good on the skin. I was pleasantly surprised. The highlighter is very beautiful, a champagne shade with a gorgeous sheen. (Can be very intense!). The blush is beautiful, but the golden sheen dominates on the cheeks. On my cheeks the pink shows up a lot less than the gold. Still fine with me, but I sometimes added another blush to give some more color. For me this might work better as a blush topper, even though I have light skin. The highlighter and blush together might be just a bit too much shimmery-ness. Nonetheless it’s a very beautiful easy to work with palette. Everything feels so soft and blends so nicely.I love it!


  • The powders are very soft and creamy, totally not chalky or powdery
  • The pigmentation is great
  • The bronzer/contour might show up too warm on people with cool toned skin. On my light warm toned skin it pulls slightly red.
  • The bronzer looks natural on my skin
  • Easy to blend
  • The highlighter is very pigmented and can be very intense.
  • The blush is pigmented, but the golden sheen shows up better than the pink of the blush, at least on my skin
  • I think (for me) the highlighter and blush together are a bit too much sheen
  • Very affordable
  • Cruelty Free

I really like this palette. I would recommend it for light and medium skin tones. You can find this at Etos (Dutch drugstore) for € 6,99. Online you can find this at for € 4,49 (Netherlands). I also believe Ulta (U.S.) carries Makeup Revolution.

Thank you so much for visiting and lots of love!


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