W7 In the Nude Eyeshadow Palette


I’ve had this palette in my collection for quite a while, but I never got around to review it. It is still available and well loved, so I thought: why not review it anyway?! I made some photos back then. This palette is supposed to be a “dupe” for the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. If you want to know if this palette is any good, then please click the link below.


The In the Nude Palette by W7 is a great one! I love the tin packaging in Rose Gold. I looked this palette up on the internet the other day and the packaging looked different. The packaging was a cream white shade, so I’m not sure if that was the wrong photo, or if the packaging has changed. I like this packaging better, I have to say.


The palette comes with 12 eyeshadows is rosy tones, varying from matte, to shimmer, to metallic, to glitter. I love it! In total this palette contains 15,6 grams of product.


I really love W7 eyeshadows. Their mattes are fabulous and most of the other shades are as well. Some shades are very glittery and have a lot of glitter fall out, which I’m not the biggest fan of…..

The palette doesn’t come with a mirror, which I think is a bit unfortunate. There is room enough for a  mirror…. but anyway. The palette is still fine. I love the variety of shades in the palette, from really light and soft to somewhat smokey, but not crazy intense. This palette is right up my alley. My tin doesn’t always close the best. It sometimes feels a bit loose/ wobbly.

The palette comes with a double sided brush, with a sponge tip applicator and a small brush at the other end, with somewhat stiff bristles. It’s not the best, but not terrible.

First half of the palette close up:


The very first shade is a nice pigmented matte cream color. The fourth one is also matte, but mauve. The second shade is pink and is very crumbly and has very coarse glitters, which cause a lot of fallout all over the face. The fifth shade from the left also has some smaller glitters and the sixth shade has even smaller glitters. They cause some fallout, but not as terribly as the second shade to the left.

Second half of the palette close up:


The second half of the palette has more satin and shimmery shades, which are all really beautiful. Only the most right shade is a blackened plum with beautiful pink glitters. There are 3 matte shades in total in the entire palette, which I think is enough in this case. They all work really well and look beautiful in combination with all the shimmery shades. I also really like the greys in this right half of the palette as well as the shimmery mauve and bronze shade. The names of all the shadows are on the back of the palette. There is enough variety in the most right shades to create a really nice soft cool toned smokey look.

Swatches entire palette:


Unfortunately the most left shade isn’t really visible on my skin tone, but it is a very pigmented nice buttery shade. You can clearly see the silver glitters in the second shade (pink).

Swatches left side of the palette:


This photo shows the first shade a bit better.

Swatches right side of the palette:


As you can tell these shadows are pigmented!!

The shadows are crumbly, but I just tap off my brush and then I’m good to go. No big deal to me. The matte shades are really beautiful and blend well. The other shades have nice pigmentation, show up on the eyes nicely and are each distinctive shades that don’t blend together into one. I do not own the Naked 3 palette, but I do own the Naked 1. The formula is completely different. Don’t expect Urban Decay quality, but for €8,99 this is a really nice palette that I’ve been enjoying a lot!


  • The shadows are crumbly
  • The shadows are pigmented
  • There is enough variety in shades
  • There is a variety in finishes
  • The glitter shades cause fallout
  • The matte shades are very pigmented and buttery
  • The tin packaging is cute
  • Doesn’t come with a mirror
  • Comes with a double ended brush/sponge tip applicator
  • Very affordable
  • You get 12 eyeshadows, in total 15,6 grams of product, which is a lot.

I have seen this brand at BigBazar (In The Netherlands), but not this particular palette. You can order it online for € 8,99 at http://www.boozyshop.nl

Thanks so much for visiting and lots of love!


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