E.l.f. Studio Contour Palette


I’ve had this Contour Palette from E.l.f. (eyeslipsface) for a year, but I have never reviewed it. So silly of me! I took the photos back then, but I have used it quite a few times since then. Would you like to read a review of this palette, then please click the link below!


The Contour Palette by E.l.f. comes in a black box, which is difficult to open without ripping it apart!


The back of the packaging tells you how to use the palette and which ingredients are in the product.

The palette itself is sleek black and matte. It’s very sturdy and ideal for travel!


The back of the palette looks like this. You can pop out these individual shades. E.l.f. has more palettes like this, like two powder blush palettes, a cream contour palette, a cream blush palette, foundation palettes and a  highlighting palette. So you can customize these to your liking, if you own more of them.

The palette also comes with a big mirror, which easily stands up on it’s own.


In the palette you,ll find 4 powder shades. One highlighter, which is very light and not very shimmery. It has mini glitters in it though and it is quite chalky. The top right shade is a yellow toned powder, which is really soft and nicely pigmented. At the bottom left you have a warmer contour shade, which I really love. It’s suitable as a bronzer as well as a contour shade. It’s not orange! The deepest shade at the bottom right is wonderful as a contour as well. It’s suitable for deeper skin tones, but can be used by people with lighter skin tones as well, because it blends nicely.



Let’s look at all the shades individually:



This highlight shade is very light, almost white with a yellow golden sheen and golden mini shimmers. It’s very sheer, chalky and crumbly.It also developed hard pan really quickly. My powder has all kinds of weird bumps on it. It hardly shows up on the skin and the mini glitters are visible in the sunlight (not very intense, but still). I don’t really like it.



This ‘banana’ shade is not bad, but makes my under eye area look wrinkly. You can use this kind of shade to highlight certain areas, without shimmer. I don’t really use shades like these. It is buttery soft and a bit creamy, but not a shade I gravitate towards. The pigmentation is average.



I really love this slightly warmer shade. It doesn’t look orange on the skin. It has more of a red undertone. It’s very soft, slightly creamy, looks natural and blends well.



This shade is dark and deep and though it is nicely pigmented (mediocre, not crazy intense), it is wearable for people with lighter skin. I like to use this as a contour shade, even though I have light (warm) skin tone. I like it a lot.

All powders give some kick up when you use them.  This palette has 16 grams total.




It was very difficult photographing these swatches. The highlight and the banana shade are very similar to my skin tone and the other shades are pigmented, but blend immediately into the skin. These deeper shades look very natural. All powders are a bit crumbly, but feel super soft.

The highlighter is very similar to the E.l.f. studio “blush”  in Gotta Glow, which is actually a highlighter that looks like NARS Albatros a lot, but this highlighter is slightly lighter and a bit chalkier.

I really love 2 out of the 4 shades: the two contour shades. I don’t like the highlighter and the banana powder is a bit mèh for me. It’s not terrible, but I usually don’t use these kinds of shades.

So would I recommend it? Yes and No. It depends on what you like to use. Do you like to use a ‘banana’ powder? Then this palette might be for you, because the two contour shades are lovely. Is two lovely shades out of four enough for you? Then this might be for you. I like the two contour/bronzer shades a lot and I do use them, but would I repurchase this palette? Probably not.

This palette is available at http://www.eyeslipsface.nl (Netherlands) for € 8,-or http://www.eyeslipsface.com. E.l.f raised their prices, which I don’t like. I bought this palette for €6,-. It’s the exact same palette, but now it’s € 8,- all of a sudden.  The brand is cruelty free.

Thank you so much for visiting and lots of love!

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