Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick: Rebel with Cause


I have tried some Makeup Revolution lipsticks in this black packaging before, from a specific collection, and some I liked, some I didn’t. This shade Rebel with Cause had always intrigued me. I got it for Christmas. If you’d want to know more about this shade, then please click the link below!


The packaging of this lipstick is simple, a black case with the color of the actual lipstick on the top of the cap. This is a little compartment with some additional product that you can actually use. The name reminds me a bit of MAC Rebel. They are fairly similar, but I guess this one is a bit more sheer.


The lipstick is a deep purple-burgundy with a slight sheen. The scent is fruity and not overbearing. The formula is quite creamy and smooth. csc_0101

In this photo you can see the sheen of the lipstick, which gives it a really nice dimension. I don’t know if Rebel by MAC has such as sheen as well?


The lipstick has nice pigmentation, but applies slightly patchy. I have to go over my lips a couple of times, to get an even application. It’s also very creamy, so it might be difficult to apply this in a straight line. My lipline looked a bit jagged after application, so I would be better off using a lipliner. After a while the lipstick dries down a bit. It does’t loose it’s creaminess or comfortable feeling on the lips, but it looks a lot drier on the lips. The color sinks into the lines you have in your lips (not around the lips, but in the lips). When you smile and your lips stretch out a bit, so you can see darker vertical lines in your lips, where the lipstick has  collected. The lipstick doesn’t bleed outside the lipline, but it does transfer onto your glass or cup very muchly! It will fade in a patchy way, not only from the inside of the lip, but also patches from random parts of the lips. The staying power is quite nice. It will stay on your lips after a meal or a drink and it will last for about 4 hours before it starts to look slightly patchy.

This is not a bad lipstick, but it isn’t my favorite formula. I don’t like the look on the lips as much as for example a Rimmel or an Essence lipstick. The formula is quite thin. I think my main issue is the fact that it doesn’t really look even on the lips.

This brand is cruelty free and very affordable!

In the Netherlands you can find this lipstick at Etos (drugstore) for € 1,99. Online you can get this at (International) for  €1,39, or at for € 1,49. Also available on for € 1,49 or at (much higher price though!).

Thank you so much for visiting and lots of love!

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