Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Eyeshadow Palette


I’ve accumulated quite a pile of Makeup Revolution items over the past years, so there will be a lot more of these Makeup Revolution reviews coming your way! This palette is called the Fortune Favours the Brave Palette. It’s one of the best palettes I’ve ever tried. Would you like to know more about this palette? Then please click the link below!


The palette itself comes in a beautiful golden box. Makeup Revolution is know for their beautiful packaging. But wait till you see the actual palette and the inside!


At the back of the box you can see all the shadows that are in this palette : 30 in total!! This palette was designed in collaboration with BritishBeautyBlogger.



The palette itself is also gold, but more of a matte light bronze gold, with a shiny logo in the centre and black writing. Really beautiful and unique. Also very sophisticated and sturdy!



The inside of the palette is absolutely stunning, with a big mirror the size of the palette, 30 beautiful eyeshadows and a dual ended brush with on one side a really tine flat shader brush and on one end a blending brush, which is also very tiny. The flat side of the brush I don’t really like with these eyeshadows, because it is too stiff and ruins your eyeshadows if you’re not really careful. I can see this to be very useful for cream eyeshadows though. The blending side isn’t too bad. It’s flimsy, but it works fine for my smaller eyes, to place a crease color directly into the crease. The names are not written on the palette itself, but only on a plastic sheet, which I usually loose or throw away, because I find them to be so annoying. Nonetheless I love the way this palette is designed! The total amount of product is 16 grams, which I think is an average amount for a bigger palette.


When you take away the plastic sheet, this is wat you get: a beautiful palette with every color you would ever need! From shimmers, to mattes, to foiled shadows and metallics. You can even find marbled eyeshadows in this palette!! They are so beautiful! The deep purple shade in the most right corner of the bottom row has a tiny bit of burgundy micro glitters in it and the blue shade in the top row, third from the right, has some tiny golden glitters as well. I haven’t really noticed any fallout with these shadows. The palette is really durable and sturdy and the mirror stands up on it’s own, which is highly convenient for travel.


When you look at this palette closely, you can see that you get everything in here that you could possibly need: neutral shades, colorful shades and everything is very wearable. I love that you get matte crease and transition shades, matte brow bone highlights in two tones. You even get a matte shade in every color scheme that you might find in this palette: a matte teal blue, a matte green, a matte kaki green, a matte mauve, a matte purple, a matte deep brown, a matte black , 2 matte crease shades. I think that is just AWESOME to tie every look together. The shimmer shades are beautifully chosen as well as the few foiled and marbled shades. SO GORGEOUS!



The pigmentation of this palette is just lovely! The shadows feel very soft, blend nicely and are nicely pigmented. I love the variety!



I love these colors! Some of the shadows might be a tad bit crumbly, but if you tap off your brush it’s no big deal! The mattes in this palette remind me a lot of the Lorac matte formula!



This next row is really beautiful as well. The shadows blend nicely and are pigmented.



The bottom row is just as good quality as the other three rows. The mattes blend nicely and the shadows don’t cause a lot of fallout. Some shimmer shades are so creamy that you best apply them with your finger instead of a brush. They are so creamy that the brush doesn’t pick up enough of the color. This goes ,for example, for the pink shimmer shade (third from the left).


  • The variety of shades is delightful
  • The packaging is chique, sleek, sturdy and well made
  • The mirror is big and stands up on it’s own
  • The palette comes with an okay brush
  • You get mattes in every color, which work very well
  • You get shimmers, marbled and foiled eyeshadows
  • The palette gives you neutral as well as colorful and smokey options
  • The shadows don’t cause a lot of fallout and blend nicely
  • The shadows are pigmented
  • The palette is very affordable
  • The shadows can be a bit crumbly when you stick your brush in them, so be gentle and tap off your brush
  • Some shimmer shades are so creamy that you best apply them with your finger

I have nothing bad to say about this palette! I think it is fun, unique, chique, gives you loads of options, it’s basically everything you need in one palette. If you don’t have a lot of eyeshadows and want to start a collection: this palette gives you every option you need! I love it!

Where to buy:

This palette is available at (international) for € 13,98, at for € 14,95 at for € 14,99 at also for € 14,99. In America I think they sell this at Ulta. I bought mine in Germany (Rossmann) for € 14,99

Q: Do you own any Makeup Revolution Palettes?? Let me know! 


Thank you so much for visiting and lots of love!

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