NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Soft Spoken


I love Zoë, Zoella on Youtube, you all know who she is! She wears this gorgeous lip color very often and it looks so goooooooood on her! I finally managed to pick it up, so today I will review this lip cream for you!


This beautiful liquid lipstick (lip cream) is called Soft Spoken, a beautiful brown nude with a gorgeous rosy undertone. So nice!


This lip cream is matte, but not drying. It feels super comfortable on the lips.


The applicator is a flat doe foot applicator, which is slightly bendy. Not too much, just right!


This is the wand up close.

The wand is perfect. It doesn’t apply too much of the product, it distributes the product well and feels comfortable. The product doesn’t really have a scent. You can smell a very faint ‘liquid lipstick’  smell, but nothing offensive. The texture is a thin mousse.

Swatches :


The photos are taken in slightly different lighting, so you can see how this color performs under different lighting circumstances. On cool toned skin this lipstick would probably look more rosy, on warmer skin tones, this lipstick would probably look a little bit more brown. I love the color!

My thoughts on this liquid lip cream:

The lipstick is very opaque, but not 100%. I have to go over the lips a few times, with one coat that I need to distribute well, but once it’s on, it’s on. It feels slightly sticky at first, but that disappears. It looks matte on the lips, but doesn’t feel like a straight up matte dry lipstick on the lips. It stays creamy and slightly hydrating. It won’t bleed, the lasting power is ridiculous and it won’t wear off in a weird or patchy way. Even after having had dinner, this is still on the lips. Yes it fades a bit, but it still looks beautiful after hours, after eating and drinking, even after applying a lipgloss over the top. It didn’t end up all over my teeth or gums. It does accentuate a dry patch a tiny bit, but not as much compared to other liquid lipsticks. This is a cream so it doesn’t dry down 100%, but it dries down enough. It doesn’t crack. It transfers onto your cup or glass a little bit, but I don’t mind that. It doesn’t dry out the lips. At the end of the night, this lipstick is still on my lips and looking good. I remove it with a little bit of olive oil or an oil based makeup remover.

This is just a wonderful product, that I would most definitely recommend! You can find this at http://www.douglas.nl for € 8,35 (They have 12 more colors!), or in some Douglas stores (Netherlands, Germany). I bought mine in Germany at DM for € 7,85. Next time I’m in Germany I will probably pick up at least one more color!

Thank you so much for visiting and lots of love!

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