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I absolutely love the Primark beauty section. They just have the most lovely beauty products, whether it’s actual makeup or beauty tools or other beauty items or accessories. I just love it. Today I will be sharing with you a review on these brushes and two sponges. Click on the link below if you are interested!



The products that I would like to share with you today are two sponges, one latex and one non-latex, two smaller eye brushes and one large Body Bronzing brush. All very affordable!

Ps…Body Bronzing Brush:


This Body Bronzing Brush is HUGE. It’s so much bigger than the biggest powder brush that you might know. It is super soft and feels so lovely on the skin. It comes with a rose gold handle with a black heavier bottom part which makes the brush stand up on it’s own. It says Body Bronzing Brush, but I use this on my face as well. It is absolutely love for a super light dusting of powder, without creating a cakey look. It’s also great for bronzing up the face and neck. Just be aware of the fact that this gives a very diffused bronzed effect. I like the brush a lot.

PS… Pro Non- Latex Flat Edge Blender:

This blending sponge immediately reminded me of the Real Techniques one which I absolutely love, I decided to give this one a go and I was pleasantly surprised. This is sponge is nearly identical to the Real Techniques one. It is soft, swells up when you wet is. It applies foundation absolutely beautifully.


Compared to the Real Techniques one you can see that the shape is identical. I even think the material is identical. Both perform the same.

Dry sponge size compared to the cap of my camera:


Wet sponge size compared to the cap of my camera:


I hope that you can see how much bigger the sponge got after wetting it. It definitely got bigger and softer.

I absolutely love it. After months and months of use you will get some rips, but the same happens to the Real Techniques one and the real Beauty Blender. For only €2,50 this is a much more affordable option that performs equally as well.



This sponge comes in a two pack. I accidentally tossed the packaging of this one. These sponges do contain latex if I’m correct and these ones aren’t my favorite. I expected them to be equally as soft as the blue one I just showed you, but nothing could be further from the truth. They are hard, don’t blend product really well and don’t swell up when you wet them. I can’t remember the price, but I wouldn’t recommend these anyway.

PS…. Eye Contour Brush:


This brush intrigued me as soon as I saw it. I decided to give it a go.


This angled brush has slowly but surely become my favorite eye brush. It is super soft, sturdy, doesn’t shed and is an absolute multitasker. You can use this brush to lay down your transition shade really well, by holding it upside down. With the tip you can very precisely accentuate the crease and outer V. It’s also very handy for blending, applying a lid colour and even setting your concealer. I absolutely love it! I’ve had it for over a year and it hasn’t shed once on me. Love it.

Ps…. Angled Brow Brush:


As I have very sparse brows I always struggle to find the right brow product or method of application. This wonderful brush makes my eyebrow routine so much easier!


This lovely brush comes with a spooly and with an angled thin eyebrow brush. This brush is firm and stiff enough to wear it applies an eyebrow powder really well, but it isn’t too stiff. I also love that the brush isn’t too thick or too thin. For my brows this is absolutely perfect. I’ve washed it dozens of times and it still is in perfect condition. Next time I’m at Primark I’m most definitely going to pick up at least one more.


All four of these items I would recommend. The price point is amazing, the quality is amazing, the performance is amazing. What more would you want?

All are available at Primark.

Thank you so much for visiting and lots of love!


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