I Heart Makeup Chocolate Rose Gold Palette

Hello Everyone! Today’s review will be on the newest I Heart Makeup Chocolate Bar palette, that has come out here in the Netherlands. Tambeauty has also just released the Mint Chocolate palette, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on that, but I will in the future! Today I will be sharing with you what I think of this new Chocolate Rose Gold palette, that I have been using the past week. If you’d like to read more, please click the link below.


It might be a bit hard to tell on the photos, but the color of the box itself is actually a reflective rose gold as well. The shades you can expect are shown on the bottom side of the box.


The packaging of the palette itself is in one word: Gorgeous! The packaging is a sturdy plastic with a mirror that holds itself up with beautiful rose gold chocolate bar details in the front. Just lovely. The bottom side of the packaging tells you what ingredients the shadows are made of.


The inside of the palette is absolutely stunning. These shades are right up my alley. You also get a plastic sheet with the names of the shades. The eyeshadows smell like chocolate. The mirror is the same size as the entire lid and stands up on its own. You also get a sponge tip applicator that works really well, especially with the shimmer shades.


There are 16 shades in this palette. The entire bottom row is matte and the 3 shades that are on the right of the middle row are as well. All the other shades are shimmery and I would even say foiled. They are very creamy, almost wet feeling. You get a lot of product in these palettes : 14x 1.22 g (=0.043oz) and 2x 2.44 g (=0.085 oz).



You can probably tell by the looking at the photos that some of the shades are crumbly. Especially the pink shade on the right, which is called Luxe is very sheer, crumbly and glittery. The lime green/gold shade, the fourth in this row, which is called Hard Work is also very glittery and both have a lot of fall out. The deeper green (second shade) had some glitters in it as well and also creates a bit of fallout. All of these shades are shimmers.



The first three shades are shimmers and the last three are matte. This row is simply perfection. The second shade is a pink-gold duo chrome. All the shades have a pink undertone, even the third one (Gold Digga) that appears bronze in the pan. In this photo the mattes might seem not very pigmented, but they are. They blend perfectly well and just look great on the eyes. Another thing I really like is that the shades don’t morph into one color on the eyes. You can most definitely see a distinct difference in these shades on the lid. Absolutely stunning.



This last row is completely matte. These shades are really great as well. They blend nicely and just look good. The brown on the left actually appears as grey in the pan, but it turns more brown on the eyes. Combined with the deeper green shade you can create a cool toned look with this predominantly warm palette. My only ‘complaint’  with this row is that the matte highlight shade on the right (the fifth shade that is hard to see on my skin) is rather dark. It is a gorgeous shade to blend out your transition shade with, but it is too dark (on light skin that is) to highlight. So that is something that I am missing from this palette: a light matte highlight shade.

The quality:

The matte shades are perfect and blend really well. Most shades, apart from the lime green and the deeper green shade (Hard Word and Touch me) have a pink undertone which I think is really nice. The colors work really well together that way. The packaging is lovely and the price point is amazing. The shimmer shades are very creamy and some cause fallout, not only pigment but also glitter fallout. That is something to keep in mind if you are interested in this palette. The shimmer shades can also transfer onto the crease area if you have hooded eyes. That is what happens to me. Not too badly, but still. The shades are gorgeous and unique, but be aware of the fact that almost every single eye look will come out pink. Now I understand this palette is called Rose Gold and that is exactly what you are getting and you can definitely create different looks with the palette, but they will almost always turnout different variations of pink. If you like that this palette is for you. I would recommend applying the shimmer shades with your fingers. The pink shade on the most right corner is more of a topper. It is sheer and crumbly/glittery. The color doesn’t transfer onto the lid, just the pink glitters do. I like the palette a lot, I just wish the shimmer shades had less glitter fallout and I wish the top right shade would come of more pigmented on the eye. Everything else I like.


This palette is available at http://www.Tambeauty.com for €12,58 and they ship worldwide. I got mine at http://www.beauty88.nl (for my Dutch readers) for €9,99. This isn’t available in Dutch stores yet, but eventually this will be available at Kruidvat.

Thank you so much for visiting. I hope this review was helpful. Lots of love!


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