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Rossmann in Germany currenly has a really lovely limited edition of the bran Rival de Loop: the Fall in Love limited edition. There were more products than this palette, like liquid metallic lipsticks, but I only purchased this. Today I would like to share with you what I think of this all in one palette. If you would like to read more than please click the link below.


The eye and face palette is made out of cardboard and has no mirror. The plastic “window” is a thin bendable plastic sheet, so not very sturdy or safe for your product. Inside you get an extra plastic sheet that covers the products.

FullSizeRender 4

The palette is a combination of cream and powder products. The top three shades are creams. Although the shade on the right of the top row says: concealer cream, I think that it’s more of a contour. Especially on light skin. Maybe this could be a concealer on really deep skin but that would mean that all the other products in the palette aren’t suitable for their skin tone, apart from the bronze highlighter. The powder and cream products aren’t separated from each other so you will end up with powder all over your creams and also : darker powder crumbles in your light powders. Not very handy.

Each pan comes with 2 grams of product which I think is okay. It isn’t a whole lot for face products, but still some blushes I have contain about 2,5 grams of product, so not bad either.

The top row comes with one banana cream, one light concealer cream and one deep concealer cream, which I use as a contour and it works perfectly for that.

The second row comes with a warm pink powder blush with a really pretty golden sheen, a stark white fixing powder, which I consider to be more of a matte highlighting powder or an under eye setting powder and a choco powder, which functions really well as both contour and bronzer.

The bottom row comes with three highlighters a Gold one,  a Rose one and a Bronze one. All three are beautiful. The bronze highlighter can definitely be used as a shimmery bronzer for light skin or as a  blush topper. The same goes for the middle pink highlighter: on my skin it’s slightly to dark as a highlighter but it makes a beautiful blush topper. Maybe not with the blush in the palette, because I tried that the other day and that was a bit too much shimmer for me.



The creams are very thin and pigmented, no oily stickiness whatsoever. The pigmentation is great, not too extreem, but definitely buildable. The banana cream and the light cream concealer can accentuate under eye wrinkles and lines, so I would recommend applying them with a damp sponge and not too close to the eye. I would also recommend to wait until your under eye cream/moisturizer/foundation is completely dry and had completely set before you apply these creams under the eye. The reason why is that this moved my correcter that I wore underneath and it broke it apart. So definitely wait till all the other creams on you face have fully set. I use the dark concealer shade as a contour shade and it is absolutely perfect for that. It gives a gorgeous cool toned shadow underneath your cheekbone, without looking muddy or fake. I apply it with my Real Techniques contour brush.



The second row is all powders. The blush reminds me a lot of Nars Orgasm, Sleek RoseGold and Bourjois Golden Rose. It’s a pretty blush, a warm pink with a gold shift to it. The pigmentation is nice, not too crazy, not too little pigmentation. Blends nice as well and is definitely buildable. The white fixing powder is more of a matte highlighting powder to me. It is very pigmented, super soft, finely milled and can be used for many things. You can use this powder underneath your brow bone for a matte highlight, on the inner corners of you eye, underneath your face contour and also to brighten up underneath your eyes. Maybe you could even use this as a matte cheekbone highlight or on the bridge of the nose. One thing though: if you use this underneath your eyes, be careful and use little amounts of product, Also I would recommend to not apply this too close to the eye or on top of wrinkles, because it will make your wrinkles stand out more. I use it on top of the part where my under eye area is a bit sunken in to brighten up, but not all the way to the eye. I did that once and it looked horrible. The choco powder I can use as both contour and bronzer (or maybe a one and done product). I apply it over the top of the cream contour shade from the top row and that works remarkable well, without looking unnatural.



The third row are all powder highlights (or blush topper and bronzer).

The Gold highlight on the left is absolutely stunning on fair to light/medium skin. This blends into my skin so nicely without looking fake of over the top. I can wear this on the cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and my upper lip. It gives me a gorgeous natural ‘glow from within’ .

The Rose highlighter (middle swatch) is beautiful as well, but is slightly too deep for me to wear as a highlight. I use it as a blush topper, but I can see this work for medium skin tones.

The bronze highlighter is more of a shimmery bronzer for me and that works just fine, because it is subtle. I can see this to be a beautiful highlighter on deeper skin tones. I think these could work as eye shadows as well.


I think the creams feel really nice. They are not oily and greasy and blend in with the skin nicely. The pigmentation is wonderful: not too pigmented, but definitely enough. I would recommend being careful with the light creams under the eye, because they can disturb the products that you might have underneath or break down on top of your eye cream. I would also recommend to not apply too much under the eye and to use a damp beauty sponge. I think they work best for young skin. They aren’t drying though.

The powders are finely milled and apply beautifully. I would recommend to take it easy on the white powder. It is very pigmented and can enhance the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. I wouldn’t apply it too close to the eye.

The creams and powders aren’t separated from each other, so this palette can get messy quite easily. I would recommend using the shade that the palette comes with to protect your creams whilst you are using your powders. The packaging is quite flimsy.

(I think the powders can be used as eye shadows as well.)

Nonetheless I do really like the little palette and I keep gravitating towards it. It’s not perfect but for € 4,49 for 9 x 2 grams of both creams and powders that work either really well or reasonably well I would say: This is a good deal. I like it.

I think it is a limited edition currently at Rossmann (drugstore in Germany).

Thank you so much for visiting and let me know if this review was helpful for you. Lots of love!

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  1. This palette looks beautiful!! I love the colors and the swatches you showed.


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